About Us

Journey till now...

We Started as a small family business in February 2016 of home decorations, artificial jewellery and plastic toys. In a couple of months, the business flourished and became one of the leading stores and literally the talk of the town!

Internet has become a basic necessity for the world today. Everything from finding the best restaurant to buying a house to as simple as shopping for groceries happens in a click of a button. To take advantage of the online craze, cater to a larger audience and align with the internet dominated world, we chose to go online and founded Adarshbazar”.

How do we stand out?

Adarshbazar stands for authenticity, transparency and values. As the name suggests, we believe in our values (adarsh) and are dedicated to serve our customers with almost honesty and sincerity. The young founder of Adarshbazar Dalip Sharma, is a web designer & developer by profession and a passionate artist specialising in wooden products.

Adarshbazar stands out as a brand, because the products are personally procured by the owner and carefully packaged with the original material to increase the aesthetics and longevity. The products enlisted in the website are carefully selected, thereby being limited and unique. The speciality of this online store is the reasonable pricing and authenticity of the products. “What you see is what we sell!”

Our story

Our USP is that the wooden products, are designed and manufactured from scratch by our family carpenters. I come from a legacy of adept carpenters. Since time immemorial, my family has been actively involved in creating wooden products. I have a strong sense of nostalgia when it comes to wooden toys, I attach my childhood days with them. I grew up with wooden toys and I still am proud to have preserved them till date.

While I was researching for some non toxic, kid friendly toys online, I was disappointed with the array of toys flooded in the market and it seemed very hard to purchase such low quality toy for my son. This gave rise to my inquisitiveness about wooden toys I was exposed to in my childhood. The lack of availability of such toys made me start the journey and dream to build wooden, non toxic, attractive and safe toys for kids.

The finish of the wooden toys are impeccable and we ensure utmost safety in designing child safe toys. We provide wide range of services from design, procuring the timber, manufacturing, non toxic polishing and creative & careful packaging.

Our wooden toys cater from babies to toddlers. I make sure each toy is used by my son before I declare it fit for sale, this way i ensure high standards of safety, prevent choking hazards etc.

As a step closer to having a greener environment, I chose to manufacture toys from wood rather. The wood we use is Meranti imported from Southeast Asia.

Our products have been widely appreciated and accepted by parents as well as children. Our aim is to provide joy to children in a safe way.